Teams From USC Competing in the Red Bull Basement

Four USC founders have created Project Impact and Conscious Company and are currently competing in the 3rd annual Red Bull Basement pitch competition. Red Bull Basement is a global call to action empowering students to develop bold new ideas and implement tech solutions that will make a meaningful impact on their campus and the world. Participants don’t have to be entrepreneurs or an innovator to compete. This global event will help the next generation of founders build social enterprises.

The voting period is between October 26th and October 29th, and ends on October 29th at 9:00 EST. These 4 USC founders need your votes to move onto the next part of the competition.

To cast your votes, search Project Impact or Conscious Company on the Red Bull Basement website.

Founders Alexander Granda and Brandon Runner created Project Impact, which is the first social-learning management tool aimed at helping college students and clubs expand their knowledge and showcase their discoveries on and across campuses. By connecting like-minded users through their interests and passions, they cultivated an intellectual network where students build on each other’s ideas and promote thoughtful discussion. They saw the lack of a platform solely dedicated to this type of content, and recognized how challenging it can be to filter through loads of educational material. Project Impact empowers students to apply their knowledge and refine their focus to what they want to pursue. They nurture educational content through forum discussion and blog creation, and they facilitate group interaction and social engagement by incorporating “like”, “comment” and “follow” features. Students can explore professional interests, and employers can recognize motivated students that are dedicated to learning and inspiring social change.”

Founders Joakim Bjarke and Natalie Ludwig created Conscious Company, which is a mobile application and a global online marketplace for curated and vetted sustainable household & beauty products certified by industry experts. Conscious Company makes it convenient, reliable, and fun for the eco-friendly millennial shopper to find and purchase products that are good for them, and the environment. Conscious Company will assist consumers who are searching for sustainable household & beauty products, produced by local businesses, and reward them for their sustainable purchasing decisions in a fun and interactive way.