Student-Created Card Game Seeking Funding

What started as a mere class project has developed into a full-fledged card game now looking for production funding.

USC students Brendan Tighe, Michael Ford, and Masato Lin designed Ambush!,  a fast-paced, table top card game aimed to combine reflexes and strategy. The players use a variety of characters and creatures to rapidly form micro-strategies in one’s hand and defeat opponents. As creator Brendan Tighe states,  “Our goal was to make the strategy card game genre more accessible. We’re all really excited about the project, and are even more excited to have the opportunity to get our first experience in marketing and developing a game and working together on a big fundraising project like this. Hopefully, with your support, we can push our dream to the next level, expanding upon and continuing work on this amazing project!”

This project is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter and must meet its goal of $3,500 by November 20th to bring the project to its next stages. The site discusses how the game is played and where the money will be allocated. While the first round of funding will be used to pay for the first production run of 100 copies of Ambush!, the team hopes to take on future endeavors such as expansion packs, higher-quality and more affordable versions of the game, and an online store.

This game has incredible potential to revolutionize the strategy card game, and there are just 10 days left to help them reach their funding goal to take this game to the next level.  Learn more about what this project is all about and how to back it here.