Just Go Grind Podcast Episode #115

#115: Sam Adams, CEO and Co-Founder of dot.LA

Sam Adams - dot.LA

Sam Adams serves as chief executive of dot.LA. A former financial journalist for Bloomberg and Reuters, Adams moved to the business side of media as a strategy consultant at Activate, helping legacy companies develop new digital strategies. Adams holds a bachelor’s degree from Harvard College and an MBA from the University of Southern California. A Santa Monica native, he can most often be found at Bay Cities deli with a Godmother sub or at McCabe’s with a 12-string guitar. His favorite colors are Dodger blue and Lakers gold.

dot.LA is a news and events company with a mission of shining a light on the innovation in the L.A. startup and tech community.

Some of the Topics Covered in this Episode

  • How Sam got involved with dot.LA
  • Sam’s reaction to Spencer Rascoff, the Co-Founder of Zillow, reaching out to him
  • Why dot.LA exists
  • The first things Sam did to start building a new media company
  • How Spencer Rascoff chose Sam to be CEO and co-founder
  • Choosing to work for dot.LA over Disney
  • How Sam and Spencer chose a launch date for dot.LA and moved it from 2019 to 2020
  • Fundraising and the pitch that was made for dot.LA
  • How Sam went about building the team behind dot.LA and why Editor-In-Chief was his first target
  • The evolution of the dot.LA business model
  • How Sam decided how much content would be on the dot.LA website prior to their launch
  • Thoughts around cadence and depth when building a media company
  • The process behind the launch of dot.LA
  • Sam’s day-to-day prior to the launch of dot.LA
  • Short-term vs. long-term planning for dot.LA and where Sam potential sees the company going in the future
  • The communication between Sam and his co-founder, Spencer

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