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12 Days, 89 Submitted Projects, 14 Prizes, All Winners
Thanks to the 600+ amazing USC- and UCLA-affiliated individuals across Los Angeles (and the world) who joined us to Hack for Hope. The organizing team feels so privileged to have been part of this event.
Masks for Hope (USC & UCLA together)
Adoptimize (USC) • Harbor Health (USC)
Bridge (USC) • DalyTally (USC & UCLA) • Corevent (UCLA) • ShieldLA (UCLA) • HaveNeed (USC)
Local (USC) • Moson Ventilators (USC) • T.AI (USC) • BodeGo (USC) • Grocery Guide (USC) • FXT (USC)

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Hack for Hope offerED technical and non-technical, USC- and UCLA-affiliated students, faculty, staff, and alumni (and friends and family members with an interest) the opportunity to address critical challenges created by COVID-19. 
With Hack for Hope, we Created an online space that can bring problem-solvers, creators, developers, and great minds together, even if apart. Social distancing and work-from-home policies may help to “flatten the curve,” but they can only go so far. There are heroes in our midst – those who, by choice or necessity, continue to heal, to help, to deliver, to care-take, to be out in a world where they might feel vulnerable. Let’s help them. And let’s also acknowledge that social isolation is, in itself, a challenge. Let’s think, experiment, and build solutions to help.


Participants SELECTED one of two tracks:
Track 1 – Hack For Now: A solving sprint for those interested in delivering hope immediately. Choose a problem to solve – one that you identify or one brought to us by someone in the community. Then, build a prototype, iterating over two weeks to get quickly from idea to useful function. Track 1 teams can choose to be assigned a PMA.LA product manager with real-world experience – here to help you help others.


Final deliverable: a 2-minute video that shows and explains a team-built solution ready for immediate production or deployment


Track 2 – Hack For The Future: A fast walk into the future for those interested in building solutions and providing hope for the post-COVID-19 world. Envision what our society and economy will look like as we emerge from our current reality into a new normal, identifying a startup opportunity that addresses new needs.


Final deliverable: a 2-minute video pitch and deck that allows us to share your vision.
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Health / Wellness feel different today than even a few weeks ago, as we collectively focus on protecting not solely ourselves, but also those who are most at risk (including, notably, those on the front lines). How can we help with issues of COVID prevention, diagnosis, containment, or tracing?
Small and Larger Businesses are exploring ways to collaborate effectively, accelerate their digital transformation, and remain competitive. What can we do to help business owners be more successful?
Communication & Connections are central to keeping our families and communities together in a time of isolation. How do we strengthen the authentic social bonds that help people be mentally healthy?
Online Education is new and daunting for the teachers, administrators, students, parents, guardians, and others who are all learning together — apart. How can we ease the transition, providing educational continuity and perhaps a dose of fun?
Entertainment is a proven source of solace and distraction when safer at home, but even “Tiger King” doesn’t last forever. What can people do when the Netflix and Prime Video options run out?
Vulnerable Populations have fewer resources with which to battle this new foe? How can we help those who are most alone or most endangered gain access to the resources and information they need?
What other urgent problems do you believe you can solve? Feel empowered to get creative!

Competition Timeline

4/02  9:00 AM PST – Registration opens on Devpost
4/06  6:00 PM PST – Welcome WalkThrough 
4/06  6:00 PM PST – Project submissions open on Devpost
4/07  6:00 PM PST – Second Welcome Walkthrough 
4/08  6:00 PM PST – Opening Ceremony 
4/18   9:00 AM PST  – Deadline to submit projects, including a 2-minute video walk-through.
4/20  4:00 PM PST  – Highlighted projects will be announced.

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