Mars City Design Workshops


General Timeline Attempt: (please expect minor / updated details changes).

August 28-30, 2019 PowerLab Workshop at SICSA, University of Houston, TX.

October 2019 Selected Top 3 Winners have a VIP access to Mars City Design® Award Ceremony in Los Angeles. (Travel is not included).

Judging Committee​

Barbara Zelon

NASA Johnson Space Center

Creative Communications Strategies and Solutions

Orion Spacecraft Strategic Communications Manager

Donald C Barker

International Space Station Propulsion

and GN&C Systems Engineer at S&K Technologies, Inc.​

Gregory Chamitoff

Astronaut Spacewalker, Flight Engineer & Science Officer – ISS Expedition 17/18, Mission Specialist – STS 124/134

NASA Johnson Space Center

Professor in Aerospace and Engineering, Texas A&M University



Winter Workshop

Summer Workshop

This will be our 4th Annual Summer Workshop and our 6th Mars City general Workshop we include our AR & VR Workshops. We aim to continue our previous experiences to learn about Mars in an authentic way; Through designing and developing selected concepts from the Mars City Design Challenges 2019, our Marschitect group will have some fun space science retreat experiences, buiding the skill to collaborate with international multi-disciplinary creatives to find the solutions and technology supporting the human mission to Mars. Our previous workshop participants graduated with new skills, some are able to intern for their favorite pioneering space companies!

PowerLab Workshop 2019 subject focus is the Human centered design for Space (Becoming a Multi-planetary Species);

  • What is “Marschitecture”
  • What it is to become a multi-planetary species: Study about Human Reproduction in lower Gravity.
  • Some experiments on the future sustainable lifestyle when away from our home planet,
  • The science behind our health and wellness, and the challenges occuring during a long duration travel,
  • Our microgut flora in the microgravity and
  • Study about the red planet conditions may inspire some breakthroughs to our human body design improvements.


Aug 28, 2019 1PM-5PM


NASA International Space Station Conference Facility

Main Speaker/ Mentor: Dr. John Love — Lead Scientist for Crew Mission at NASA Johnson Space Center.

  • Human research on ISS
  • What focus needs to continue for a successful human missions to Mars.
  • Q&A

Guided VIP Tour of NASA Johnson Space Center.

7PM-9PM Evening Dinner together


Aug 29, 2019 10 AM-12PM

Visit and Introduction to SICSA, Space Architecture with Olga Bannova, PhD, Lic. Eng. Director, Research Associate Professor, Space Architecture Graduate Program.

12PM-1PM Lunch

1PM-5PM Astronaut & Space experts seminar.

Attempted Speakers:

Barbara Zelon — Orion Program Strategic Communications Manager at NASA Johnson Space Center.

Dr. Gregory Chamittoff –Astronaut for NASA, Flight Engineer & Science Officer – ISS Expedition 17/18, Mission Specialist – STS 124/134. Professor at Texas A&M Aerospace Engineering

Dr. Egbert Edelbroek — CEO and Founder of SpaceBorn United, space reproduction researcher, mission & biomedical equipment development. (See below for more details *1).

Kerenza Harris — SCI-Arc Faculty and Technical Director at Morphosis Architect, leading the 3D Experience technology application to the next architectural design methods.

Mars City AR VR MR Gang: Noemi Hirata, Aakash Shah, Alessio Grancini, Runze Zhang — Learning Hololens and Virtual Reality Basic training.


Aug 30th, 2019

9AM – 3PM: Team Workshop / Hackhaton

3PM – 5PM: Team Workshop and Presentation to Mars City Design Challenge 2019 judging committee or Representatives.



‘It’s a small step for a baby, but a giant baby step for mankind’

Missions planned for human conception and childbirth in space by:

– Dr. Egbert Edelbroek, CEO & Founder SpaceBorn United –

Becoming a multi-planetary species also requires learning how to reproduce in space. SpaceBorn United

researches the conditions for this and translate the outcomes into a step by step missions program and

the required biomedical equipment.

Dr. Edelbroek explains the different steps of the roadmap towards human space reproduction and how

these are implemented into space missions and equipment. He will reveal how recent technical and medical

breakthroughs strongly accelerate the enabling of human conception, embryo development and childbirth in

space. In addition, the following questions will be answered:

  • How to deal with the Mars gravity level regarding conception and healthy embryo development?
  • What related challenge awaits the (LEO) Space Tourism sector and how can it be addressed?
  • How will the oncology- and IVF sector on Earth benefit from SpaceBorn United’s research?
  • What key ethical, legal and geopolitical implications do the missions have?
  • How will life science developments (e.g. CRISPR-Cas, artificial wombs) affect future reproduction?

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