Welcome Week Mixers

Welcome Week Mixers

August 19-30

More Information Coming Soon!

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Connect with incredible entrepreneurs from top Southern Californian universities as they present their ventures to angel investors and venture capitalists.


Get an exclusive look at the cutting edge of Southern California’s innovative startup ecosystem.


Explore entrepreneurial horizons and discover the talent behind tomorrow’s industry reformers.

Welcome back.

Once again, USC is bringing the LA entrepreneurial scene together to showcase 20 of the best startups from top universities like USC, UCLA, UCI, UCSB, Pepperdine, LMU, Cal Lutheran, CSUN, and CSULA. Each venture will make a 3-minute presentation to see the team in action and then have a table top demo time for those interested in supporting to take a deeper dive.

We welcome everyone to attend, get involved, make meaningful connections, and network. Gather at Fertitta Hall to witness the future of Californian innovation.

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9:30 am

Networking & Registration

10:00 am

Program Begins – Overview & Rules of the Road

10:30 am

Keynote by Fred Schonenberg – Founder of VentureFuel – on forming corporate partnerships to accelerate early stage ventures

11:00 am

University Ventures – 3 minute presentations

12:30 pm 
Lunch Mixer & table top demos by ventures for resources to take deeper dive

2:00 pm

Program Concludes Promptly

Meet the latest wave of local entrepreneurs!

 Fashion designers and PR showrooms loan clothing to celebrities, influencers and editors to get publicity. Pullquest is a loan management system and marketplace. Our subscription-based service streamlines PR workflows, allowing designers to increase publicity and generate higher sales.

Contact: Natalie Meyer | natalie@pullquest.net; Pavel Presniakov | info@pullquest.net


Eliqs creates personalized craft beer with customized label for weddings, special occasions. Customers choose from our curated selection produced by our local craft brewery partners.

Contact: Max Berg | max@eliqs.com; Joe Schwappach | joe@eliqs.com; David Goldman | dave@eliqs.com

MobieDock is the first autonomous and sustainable docking solution for charging shared micro- mobility devices. MobieDock brings order and the necessary infrastructure to the shared micro- mobility device market enabling its positive impact on our cities, universities, and the environment.
Contact: Matt Tejada | matt@mobiedocksolutions.com

Brevvie is a platform that gives you access to smart lockers stocked with things you need – luggage, ladders, tools – rented for a fraction of the price of ownership.
Contact: Timothy Murphy | tim@brevvie.com

Asprodental is enterprise SaaS for dentists. The entire office operations, from health records to insurance billing, takes place on Asprodental. Less than half a year old, Asprodental already has dealer relationships and a functioning product used by revenue generating clients.

Contact: Tiffany Nguyen | tiffany@asprodental.com

The Hurd Co makes fabric from cannabis waste. Our soft, drapey fabric costs less than market alternatives, and allows apparel brands to tell an impressive sustainability story: waste to wear.

Contact: Taylor Heisley-Cook | theisleycook@ucsb.edu; Celine Mol | celine.mol@ucsb.edu; David Mun | davidmun@ucsb.edu

Recruit U is a platform simplifying the collegiate-athletic recruitment process by granting student- athletes the ability to contact every college coach in any state or division – instantly! Recruit U allows coaches to find their ideal athlete, matching their program’s specifications!
Contact: Chad Taylor | chadtaylor@callutheran.edu
CircleLink accelerates the loan due diligence for secondary market real estate debt investors – a manual and redundant process. Our AI/NLP-driven platform shrinks time and costs by verifying key data from millions of scanned documents – with speed and accuracy.
Contact: Prathit Thaker | prathit@circlelink.io
Tasl is a collaborative software for college students. We strive to connect and engage students both academically and socially. Tasl reduces student loneliness while improving student outcomes and repairing college communities.
Contact: Tyler Valentine | tyler@taslclass.com
MyCar is a platform that bridges the gap between car owners and mechanics designed to work across devices with features such as record keeping of repair history, a repair forum while building a network for local mechanics.
Contact: Rafael Zaragoza| rzarag12@calstatela.edu
Roost is a platform that connects like-minded, compatible travelers to share a hotel room and split the cost. Roost provides travelers with the quality of a hotel for the price of a hostel.
Contact: Sam Tate | samuelmt@usc.edu; Sam Koekoek | koekoek@usc.edu
Pharo Technology is an emergency alert system aimed at simplifying safety and security on college campuses. The system is designed to streamline communication in crisis situations and minimize the amount of effort it takes to access vital resources.
Contact: Andrew Malekie | amalekie@lion.lmu.edu

Virtual Reality platform that connects language students with tutors around the globe, inviting them to “immerse” in the language by practicing conversation in real (virtual) places.

Contact: Quinn Taber | quinn@immerse.online

Shilo builds high-quality housing in the form of ADUs. Shilo’s building system is faster, greener, and more cost-effective than traditional on-site construction methods. The company plans to introduce future product lines for single-family, relief, homeless, and multi-family developments.

Contact: Ryan Kim | ryan@buildshilo.com

We believe asking the right question is more than half the answer! nFlux’s comprehension technology understands the context of users’ questions asked in plain English and helps them find their answers from the content of video, audio and documents.

Contact: Seyed Sajjadi | ssajjadi@nflux.ai

Adoptimize is an animal shelter technology that amplifies lead generation for pet insurance companies. By automating better shelter intake photos, Adoptimize increases adoption rates, reduces shelter operating costs, saves lives, and increases policy volume for pet insurers.

Contact: Jessica Schleder | Jessica.schleder@adoptimize.co

Incompatible roommates remains a top 5 reason for college dropouts (permanently or temporarily). Den helps students find roommates through an easy to use, modern, and fun platform that inspires confidence when making a choice. Perfect roommates begin with Den.

Contact: Tristan Fleming | tristan@denroommates.com

Reliable fabrication of composite structures currently requires costly autoclaves. AIRBOND will provide the aerospace, automotive, and sporting equipment industries with materials that can be processed in an oven instead, enabling drastically cheaper production of these high-performance materials.

Contact: Bill Edwards | wtedward@usc.edu