Alumni Startup Introduces A New Approach To Dieting

Founded in 2018, Meta Nutrition is an online algorithm platform that aims to change the way food is consumed by becoming the point of reference for people trying to change their nutrition and health. Compared to its competition, Meta Nutrition stands out by telling consumers what exactly they need to eat, how much to eat, and provide the best nutritional advice for a diet tailored to users needs and preferences without having to do any additional research.

The organization was founded by alumni Simone Zienna, a certified nutritionist and fitness trainer and Austin Marks, an expert of fitness and nutrition diets for the past eight years. Originally, the pair started out by creating a mobile app for students in the dining hall but then began to extend it to as many people as possible.

The pair is currently targeting an audience demographic ranging from 18 to 34 year olds but the entire process can also be extended to different age groups.

The app itself uses an extensive database with over 12,000 different lab-analyzed foods authorized by the FDA and is personalized for every individual’s preferences and lifestyle. To use it, all consumers need to do is open the web app, input their personal information about their body, type of diet that they’re currently on, favorite foods, height, and weight and once you log on, you’ll know exactly what to eat in a day.

In terms of obstacles, the pair mostly had issues with people outside the business.

“As many early startups experience, it’s really difficult navigating the business landscape. Everyday, you have people reaching out to work with you or trying to get money out of you. It took a little bit of time to figure out who was actually there to being value back.” Zienna said. “In terms of the smartest move that we made over these months, we really set up all our operation foundation to make us run as lean as possible. Even with this crises, we are still able to run lean and avoid wising money.”

Today, despite the current COVID-19 crises, most customers are happy with the app priced at $4.99 for a premium version worth every month which includes an extensive food database, custom PDF food data plans, and a wide variety of diets to follow.

“Right now we’re rolling out more and more features every week. So as more features are rolled out, the overall technology also adapt better to your needs.” Marks said. “By next week, there’s going to be a feature that allows you to input ant item into your diet. So with that added flexibility, it’s easier to adapt for a person looking to try out a keto diet or a pescatarian diet.”

In the near future, Meta Nutrition plans to leverage social media to push content by partnering with influencers, personal trainers and fitness experts on Instagram while using coming up with organic content to push on their blog.

“Overall, this whole thing has been a wealth of knowledge. The thing we learnt is that we never stop learning.” Zienna said. “On top of that, there’s going to be times where you work really hard towards something and then unfortunately it doesn’t go as well as expected. You need to be able to get back on your feet and keep on going, keep on learning and not get discouraged.”



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